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{Scene: After the Tres Besties Fraccion were killed. Aizen was watching the fight between Harribel and Toshiro judging her power}

Harribel was covered in Hitsugaya's ice Zanpaktou as she slashed through breaking the cold barrier. Harribel then glared at him knowing that she could end the battle quickly but didn't want to end the battle so soon. She stood there as she was going to make her next move as then Aizen appeared behind her. "Aizen?" Harribel questioned his arrival as he slowly pulled out his sword going to slaughter her. Xara was leaning out her window watching the moon in Hueco Mundo at her Dorm as she sensed a bad feeling that the 3rd espada was in danger of death. Xara sonidos out of nowhere as she appeared right when aizen swiftly took his sword towards Harribel as Xara's body was giving off a prodigious spiritual pressure as she stopped aizen's sword in a fragment of a second infront of Harribel. The cold mysterious look in Xara's eyes became disdained towards Aizen. The silent negative ranked espada forcefully broke aizen's Zanpaktou/sword with her pale hand making his power faint and vivid. Xara glared into his brown wide eyes as he was slightly astonished from the sudden appearance. Xara raised her arm up to the side as she stood before Harribel with her back against the 3rd espada's face. Xara's expression became emotionless in agitation as she was uncomfortable with aizen's plan to kill Lady Harribel Tier. Xara's inner protective mode kicked in as she was offering her own life for Harribel. The dispassionate soft words came from xara's mouth. "...This moment, your soul is blind... Why?" Xara quoted while assuring Harribel with unfeeling pride. The heartless mode shifted with Xara as she spoke with Aizen. He was muted from speech as if his mind were clear and nothing to say. He then lightened up with a grin fixating his seductive eyes upon Xara. The female espada murderously and silently glanced abit darker revealing a black aurora glowing from her pale skin. She spoke to him again, "..why... Your human texture is increasing making you lead your mind in flesh, Aizen,  ... Please, Abandon this blood shed or I shall end it infront of your eyes." The brave internal connection in Xara's eyes deadly glanced in Aizen's eyes making him more interested but abit frozen to attack. "I'm afraid I can't do that, something has to be done here. I no longer need Harribel... That is why I came, to cut my losses" Aizen confessed deviously towards Xara as the light grin on his face was deeper. Xara's eyes were slightly wide to his response as she then became uninterested in his tone. "No more of this will continue... At this moment before your eyes... You will only see blackness as your life frays within my hands." Xara for the first time felt hatred moving through her veins. Aizen's sword began to regenerate out of tiny broken blades as it molded perfectly back together. In a instant, Aizen through his sword without moving from his position as the sword slid through Xara's chest as it was her first time experiencing pain. Xara's last words after she was pierced with the sword, "Risk... a sacrifice?.... A risk, My end of the story... will be my sacrifice to you, ...Protection..... Harribel" Blood spilt from her mouth as her eyes were wider as she fell beside Harribel as the gravity from the atmosphere made Xara's gored pale body kept falling as she hit the big grey steel looking Pole that was standing in the middle of Hueco Mundo. Then, her body falls off from the imprint her body left making her harshly land on the ground as her body losses blood. The blood of xara's body after it was slaughtered splattered on Harribel's paralyzed and frightened face as she just saw Xara's Death was a Sacrfice infront of the 3rd ranked female's eyes. Harribel had a flashback of when her and Xara were just meeting eachother when they were younger. Aizen repeated his words once more. "No matter of her exists. As i said before, I need to cut my losses." His seductive eyes was fixated back on Harribel as she was still in a frozen state. She then stood up strongly, looking down as she angrily summarized to him. "Xara?.....Y-you!...I will now make you feel that same pain" Harribel charged at  Aizen with a brave rage as she threw her resurrectioned bone arm down on him as Aizen then vastly carved his reborn Zanpaktou across Harribel's stomach and then jabbed the sword in her shoulder making her hesitate and consume the feeling of pain. The words fadedly came from her mouth. "... Y-you are not forgiven. Aizen Sosuke" then as she thought in her mind as the blade was still stuck through her shoulder, her inner mind voice questioned. "No world is without Sacrifices... Doesn't he realize this..." Aizen took the blade out of her shoulder as she fell down to the ground next to Xara as there hands met with eachother lightly. Xara's mouth smiled slowly as she was thankful to die with Harribel. Xara spoke her last breath as she remarked to aizen. "Thank you....."  Aizen then lost interest in the two dead females as he turned to leave he felt this deep pierce in his chest where the hogyoku was embedded in his skin. Xara knew she had implanted a black hole nuclear energy device in his chest when he was caught off guard. Aizen realized what was happening as the second past it had devoured himself on the inside out exploding his body in florescent partials and blood. Harribel and Xara died there as their inner spirits entered the soul society as they soon lay in the cold sand looking up at the moon calmly. 

[[To Be Continued, I didn't know whether to do the other idea I had. So, Here you go! I hope you like it and I will be writing more when I have time too. Thanks for enjoying my literature! It is well appriciated]] 
Silent cry {Warning! I cried while writing this and I hope I didn't make you cry. If you did I love you! <3}Silent cry 


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