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I've gotten deeper in love with The walking dead . Therefore , I will be writing fan fiction and make a new account for it all . Thank you for everyone's loyalty .
  • Listening to: .
  • Watching: All sorts of Anime .
  • Eating: Deceased Hollow bodies in Hueco Mundo.


I've gotten deeper in love with The walking dead . Therefore , I will be writing fan fiction and make a new account for it all . Thank you for everyone's loyalty .
  • Listening to: .
  • Watching: All sorts of Anime .
  • Eating: Deceased Hollow bodies in Hueco Mundo.
New Bleach OC Unfinished
Bleach OC belongs : X-Hydra04 

This is my new bleach OC to place Xara with since Xara has been deceased .
I will further more infor later , I haven't finished drawing her out yet since I haven't had the certain time to do so . I have a uniquie design for her resurrection and her hair design . 
Diabolik Lover OC

Name: Claude Sakamaki

Gender: Male

Hair: Black fade to white

Personality: Observant, Stoic, Mysterious, Endurance, Keen, Over Protective, Compassionate, Cold Demeanor, Determined, Extremely Aloof .

Skin: Slightly Pale

Species: Half normal and Half vampire

Likes: listening, Making his own choices, DayDreaming.

Dislikes: Manipulation, Popularity, Annoyed by others negative desires.

( Will write bio soon, Too much to write down. )

Age: Unknown ( maybe 16 )

Interest desire: None at the moment. ( depending )

abilities: Detect Internal struggles, Fast reflexes, Rarely seen as a Nurturer.

Acquaintances: ( ) This female oc has almost the same clothes as Yui Komori.
Durarara OC
Name : ( Doesn't carry a name )

Gender : Female

Skin tone : Slightly pale

Body appearance : Healthy / slender

Top : White tank top

Breast and lower body size : Ample enough but , not too much to overwhelm and over rate .

Personality : Stoic , Docile , Calm , Intelligent , Keen , Genuine , Aloof , Compassionate , Observant , Monotone , Peaceful , Straight forward , Brave , Patient , Mellow , Strong willed .

Likes : Contemplating , Living , Listening , Rice cakes , Investigating , Making own decisions and thinking for herself but is also very selfless and sacrificial , She is also illuminated by others feelings and likes to understand them no matter what kind of emotion they have .

Dislikes : Manipulation , Unnecessary words and actions , Vulnerability , Weakness , drama , Attention , Under and Over estimated , Captivity , Negative Persistence , Others making big deals .

Enemies : Unknown

Allies : ( Pistanthrophobia )

Scarf : White Ghosts

Hair : Pure White

Eyes : Pure White / Blind Eyes
( Since born blind , She has always relied on her senses and intuition/instinct )

Height : 5'4 1/2

Weight : 117

Mother : Nanakou ( Nau- Na- Kou )

Father : Onburaga ( On - Bu - Raga )
( Deceased from evicted assassination and convicted for false murder )

Job : Undercover Investigator

Facts/Bio : Unaffected by the parasite due to being blind and a very high IQ rate . She shows her feelings through action instead of words . She also likes to watch over the city from above buildings at times . She doesn't make a big deal and keeps her cool even at rare times underneath she can get some type of small amount of depression of anxiety . She is known as the prophecy child . Her mother , Nanakou hid the truth of her being the prophecy child by telling her that she killed her father and therefore titled her as a natural disaster . She didn't believe her mother but , Something inside her increased the internal conflict and leaving her emotionless with a slightly dead heart . She always had her own mind and thought of things and didn't let anyone else turn or change her . She has always naturally had pistanthrophobia but , It still hasn't completely bounded her from the outside world and the positivity/love of others . At the age of two , She ran away then being on her own . It wasn't because she was scared , it was because she knew that she didn't belong there and that something wasn't right . She was never the kind of person to leave or put anyone behind and therefore created a guilt void . In the time she was alone until she became at the age of seventeen , She has survived on her own and self trained herself . She is also the creator of the White Ghosts . She does a very gentle spot which is the only thing she can't understand when around others . The first person she was introduced to was Shizuo's brother , Kasuka Heiwajima which takes care of her almost like a family bond . With Kasuka being the first one to slowly earn her trust , She has always felt safe yet still on her guard with him . She doesn't show that she does carry feelings for him but , at times she is left quite speechless when around him . After some time goes by , She gains her guts to finally and personally talk with Kasuka about how she has felt for awhile and hid them from even herself or at least tried .

Scarf Bio :

The reason the White Ghosts were born with their scarf name was because , None of their members have their own personal name . The reason why is because , If they got into any trouble .. in which they are more peace makers and defenders than anything so , They don't cause havoc or any unnecessary chaos . They wouldn't get caught because of their stealthy instincts and having no name to go by therefore to be easily caught . They were all born without a name from their birth mother . What is most important to know and secret is that their own members don't even know they exist to one another . They are all about solitude and independent work . In that being said , They don't believe in weakness . Although aside from that , They do believe in purpose in every good and bad situation etc . The only way they will fight is if it is personal or they have full reason . The White Ghost scarves are very mysterious to their own kind and others around them and to even the people they know . They don't take any word for granted because , They individually seek to find answers for themselves up front to believe anything . The White Ghosts are the ones known to be seen during the night time . They keep things to themselves all the time so , It will be highly difficult to even find one of the members to even come in contact with one . They do try and keep the area in Japan a nice place for everyone there . In that case , They do not so much as stalk but observe deep to maintain and keep the world low key . In my own opinion , There is a curse that no one knows about if you were to cross by or see one of the White Ghosts therefore , Not one person has reappeared after mere contact .

( Will write more about scarf bio soon so please , Stand by ! )
Bleach OC
Name : Kein

Gender : Male 

Hair : Neon Lime Green

Skin Tone : Pure White

Eyes : Pure white  ( When changing into his Zanpaktou form , A black fade shadows over his eyes changing his whole eyes dark black including the sclera . )

Relationship status : Single / Doesn't care gender wise 

Goal : Regain Pride for his eradicated hometown/race/Orphanage

Personality : Zen , Aloof , Keen / serious , collected , Prideful , Highly intelligent , Casual , Mature .

Likes : See things for himself , Think , Being Unique , Hang around Hueco Mundo , Being Stable .

Dislikes : Being underestimated and overestimated , Bored / Awkwardness .

Main Power : Regeneration / Pressure / Wind


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